Adam Vallance is a Pianist and Composer based in London.

Born to a Peruvian father and a Scottish mother, Adam had an early introduction to music, learning to play the violin and piano as a child.  It was through this he started to tinker with the idea of writing some himself.

After studying to become a Historian in Glasgow, it was not until much later that some of these ideas came to fruition with the release of several home-recorded solo piano EPs in 2013, and the EP Breathe in June 2014, released in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

Adam released the album Katzenjammer in October 2014, combining his love of the beautiful, melodic piano work of the likes of Dustin O’Halloran with the rhythmic textural improvisations of Hauschka.

He also loves Nils Frahm too, but couldn’t find a way of crowbarring him into his bio, so did it just now.